Karin Schnur

Karin Schnur began playing the harp at six years of age, winning many prizes early on, including the First Prize for Youth in the International Händel Festival, The German Youth Competition for Solo Harp and The German Harp Society Competition. She received Scholarships for three consecutive years from The Conservatory of Music in Karlsruhe, The Richard Wagner Society and The State Cultural Foundation of Baden-Württemberg. While still in high school, Karin was awarded early student status and received harp instruction with Professor Renie Yamahata at the Academy of Music in Trossingen. Under the tutelage of Professor Maria Stange she completed degrees in Music Education with honors, just as she completed recently degrees in Harp Performance and the Artist Diploma with great success, too at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Karlsruhe.

She has gathered artistic impulses in master classes with Fréderique Cambreling, Godlieve Schrama, Miriam Schröder and jazz harpist, Park Stickney.

As a soloist she has performed recently in the Music Festival of the Castle of Ludwigsburg and the Open-Air Fest in Karlsruhe.

Images of Karin Schnur
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